Salmones de Chile is a company belonging to the Errázuriz Group which is made up of 100% Chilean capital. Its beginnings, under the name of Salmones Unimarc S.A., date back more than 30 years in the Province of Chiloé, 10th Region, and also in the city of Puerto Aysén, in the 11th Region of Chile.

It was founded in 1986, specifically for the production and processing of Pacific Salmon (Coho), later incorporating Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon. The first harvest took place in 1988 and has since played a leading role in the industry, becoming Chile’s largest producer and the largest grower of Coho Salmon in the world.

Currently, it holds one of the highest quality-standards processing plants, featuring certifications in systematic processes to ensure food safety, such as HACCP,Sashimi Grade, BAP version 4 aquaculture certification standards and ASC for Coho production

The Salmones de Chile plant is vertically integrated, which includes reproduction centers, hatcheries and sea water farm sites. This integration allows being accountable and promoting quality standards, food safety and defense, as well as incorporating measures that take care of the environment, safety and occupational health, which are key factors for the company’s success while meeting the demanding requirements of its domestic customers, as well as the requirements demanded by the Japanese and North American markets.

Salmones de Chile holds a large amount of aquaculture licenses to operate in the 10th Region as well as in southernmost areas. This represents its main competitive advantage over the rest of the industry. The Company currently has 44 licenses located in the tenth and eleventh regions and are distributed in 14 groups.