Salmones de Chile produces, processes and markets food products deriving from raw materials: salmon coho and trout. The company is committed to customer satisfaction, to sustainability in the value chain, to people’s health and safety, and to the continuous improvement of its process and corporate social responsibility.

Given the importance of each one of these strategic components, the company is accountable for and promotes implementing high quality standards, food safety, sustainability, environmental care, as well as health and safety for its workers, through an Integrated Management System.

Within this framework, the company is committed to the following principles:


To ensure customer satisfaction, producing quality food based on established specifications, guaranteed through rigorous control of the supplies and the process, ensuring food safety.


To meet the requirements of all the applicable legal regulations, as well as to ensure the compliance of the voluntarily signed commitments.


To develop, implement and maintain a management model aimed at continuous improvement to optimize the way the company’s activities are performed and managed in order to increase its effectiveness and efficiency.


To promote the professional development of the workers that are part of the value chain, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for the development and work carried out under safety standards, efficiency, occupational safety, quality and legal standards.


To ensure the protection and care for the environment in the production process, through best environmental practices, in compliance with national legislation, as well as voluntary commitments, along with the control and proper management of the waste generated in the different stages of the process, developing recycling and waste-reduction policies. We are committed to promoting the environmental culture and commitment in our collaborators and suppliers, promptly handling the impact factors that our operations may have on the environment.


To be concerned for the communities in general, contributing to the communities where the company develops its operations.

This policy is based on the commitment that all the company’s personnel has, at all levels, promoting best professional practices and ethical values.